• What is CCTV?.
  • What is digital and analogue camera?
  • Types of CCTV camera according to technology.
  • CCTV cameras according to design, specification and technology.
  • Parts of CCTV Camera and working concepts of cctv camera parts
  • Faults of CCTV camera (Faults Like Camera in Dead condition, Daul and blur problems in Camera video, Camera not working in Night, Camera showing balck and white video in day, Camera restarting problem etc.
  • How to set Camera Angle & Degree and how to select CCTV camera in any projects and location?
  • Camera installation with DVR and NVR.
  • What is use of Power supply, Cables and wire, Storage Device, Cctv accessoring in CCTV installation work?
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  • About CCTV Installation Tools
  • About use of CCTV Spare parts & Accessories in CCTV camera work.
  • What is TVL,AHD, HD, HDTVI, HDCVI?
  • Camera resolution concept according to quality (D1, QCIF, CIF, 960H, 720p, 1080P)
  • About IP or Network Camera Camera,
  • How to create Hidden Security Camera
  • Assembeling of CCTV camera using cctv camera parts.
  • How to create your own brand of camera?
  • About Fish Eye Camera (360) parts and it's work
  • Use of BNC/RCA /DC Connectors and convertors in cctv camera training
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  • How to connect audio in CCTV
  • Different types of MIC connection with Camera
  • What is Spy Camera and how to detect it?
  • About Mini USB Camera, Pen Camera, Plug and Play Camera
  • How to Install Spy & Hidden Camera in home and offices?
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  • What is CCTV Camera Lens?
  • Lens Types Manual Iris Lens ,Auto iris lens
  • Pinhole Lens, C or CS Mount Lens,
  • Use of lense in CCTV Camera Assembling
  • Use of lense in project according to distance and area.
  • How to set lense in camera home position?
  • Where & which Lens required?
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  • What is IR and Array ?
  • Use of IR and Array in different types of camera.
  • How to select camera distance in night using IR and Array
  • How to select camera quality and series acosrding to area for night Vision>
  • Which parts are used for Day and Night mode in CCTV camera?
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  • How many types of power supply used in CCTV Camera?
  • Various Voltages Need for Cameras Like DC/AC
  • Power Supply concept according to Cable and wire.
  • What is Individual Plug in for cameras
  • SMPS and Adaptor selecting & installation
  • Faults of power supply in camera and it's solution.
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  • What is Transmission Media/Guided Media
  • Types of cable and wire in CCTV camera work
  • Use of RCA /HDMI /RG6,RG11,RG58,RG59, Coaxial Cables, LAN Cable etc.
  • What is Wireless Transmitter & Receiver
  • Where & which Cable required in cctv cametra project ?
  • How to create CCTV cable using connects?
  • How to make lan wire using color coiding?
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  • What is CCTV Monitors & Its Advantages
  • Difference Between CCTV Monitor & CommON Monitors
  • How to use multiple display system in one project for same DVR?
  • How to set contrast and resolution of output display?
  • Which faults are related to output display and how to solve it?
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  • What is Switcher device?
  • Use of switcher device in CCTV camera work
  • How to Connect Switcher with DVR systems and CCD camera?
  • How many types of Switcher?
  • How to create cable for switcher device and which connectors are used for switcher?
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  • What is DVR and NVR?
  • About Ports and connectors of DVR and NVR
  • Different types of Camera installation with different types of DVR
  • Training on DVR multiple software.
  • What is Audio & Video recording of DVR.
  • How to work on Play Back & USB Backup Raw Photage etc.
  • What is Motion, Manual and Schedule Recording
  • How to set alarm in camera according to customer requirement?
  • How to set buzzer allarm for Video loss, Net disconnect, Video blind etc?
  • What is Hardisk management and how to detect hard disk in dvr and nvr?
  • How to do DVR Online using DVR softwarw?
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  • What is Remote CCTV Networking?
  • Types of DVR according to CCTV networking.
  • How to connect multiple DVR with Networking
  • What is Network Cables color coding for camera connection with dvr using network cable?
  • What is IP Address, Router/Modem and it's use?
  • How to connect dvr online using IP address?
  • How to take serial based dvr online on mobile or laptop?
  • Use of Apps and Software for Networking.
  • Modem and Router configuration for DVR & NVR
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  • Introduction of P2P Port Forwarding
  • Introduction of DNS, DDNS, http etc.
  • Android based application for DVR or remotely viewing camera .
  • Mobile Phone operating system based application for DVR
  • PC/Laptop based Software for DVR
  • How to get reminder mails of DVR and Camera online
  • How to take Backup of Camera vidio online on Cloud systems
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IP CAMERA & NVR (Network Video Recorder)

  • What is IP Camera or Network camera?
  • What is NVR and it's use?
  • Mobile Phone operating system based application for NVR
  • Installation of IP Camera with NVR.
  • Fauls and solution of IP camera
  • Use of Cables and connectors in IP camera.
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  • Clarity & resolution
  • Data breakdown in any projects
  • Fault finding in any projects
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CCTV Sales Executives Training

  • Legal concept
  • About Marketing
  • Project analysis
  • Site survey & report making
  • Quotation making
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